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Atla provides resources, collaboration opportunities, and research tools to promote worldwide scholarly communication in religion and theology.

EBSCO Interviews John Kutsko About Atla’s Role in Religious Research

Read EBSCO's conversation with Executive Director John Kutsko on Atla's crucial role in the study of religion and theology.

Atla Institutional Repository Launches, Improving the Visibility of Scholarship in Religion and Theology

The Atla Institutional Repository (Atla IR) is now live and available for searching by all and for utilization by our member libraries as a low-cost IR solution.

Interview with Atla Member Authors

Jane Lenz Elder, Duane Harbin, and David Schmersal spoke with Atla's Alex Leiseca about their book, The Antediluvian Librarians’ Secrets to Success.

Spotlight on Modern Believing

Atla's databases house multitudes of interesting titles. Learn more about one in this Title Spotlight blog post.

Cyborgs and Centaurs, Prophets and Priests: Anywhere Left for Curators?

Read the latest article in a series on AI by Atla members Chris Rosser and Michael Hanegan.

Pandemic Book Published by Books@Atla Open Press

Personalizing the Pandemic offers a snapshot of how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the professional and personal lives of theological and religious studies librarians.

Tools for the Study of Religion & Theology

Atla produces a variety of research tools for the study of religion and theology. Atla research tools are available through libraries who subscribe to our products, while resources developed collaboratively by Atla members are freely available to all. If you are looking for bibliographic information or full-text collections of journal articles covering diverse topics and languages, these tools are the place to start.

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