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Register for Atla Annual 2021 Online, June 16-18

Join our community of collectors and connectors from around the world for our conference experience, Atla Annual 2021 Online.

Celebrating Our Products – 75 Years of Scholarship

In this 75th Anniversary Celebration post, we interview three longtime Atla staff members about the history of our products over the years.

Apply Now for an Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant

The Atla OER Grant Program is now open for applications for 2021. Apply now and create your own open educational resources for your students.

Dr. Safiya Noble Announced as Thursday’s Plenary Speaker at Atla Annual 2021 Online

Dr. Safiya Noble will speak on Thursday, June 17, at Atla Annual 2021 Online. Learn more about Dr. Noble and save the date!

Announcing Additions to Atla Products – May 2021

Atla is pleased to announce the addition of titles now available in the Atla Religion Database® (Atla RDB®), AtlaSerials® (Atlas®), and AtlaSerials PLUS® (Atlas PLUS®).

Atla Announces Publication of Grant-Funded Open Educational Resources 

Learn about the two open educational resources (OERs) that Atla funded through its Open Educational Resources Grant in 2020.

Apuntes: Traversing Borders & Transforming Ministry  

Read our interview with Dr. Paul Barton, current publisher of 'Apuntes: Reflexiones teológicas desde el contexto Hispano-Latin@.'

FY20 Annual Report is Now Available

The fiscal year 2020 Annual Report is now available. This report highlights the many accomplishments of the Atla community.

Tools for the Study of Religion & Theology

Atla produces a variety of research tools for the study of religion and theology. Atla research tools are available through libraries who subscribe to our products, while resources developed collaboratively by Atla members are freely available to all. If you are looking for bibliographic information or full-text collections of journal articles covering diverse topics and languages, these tools are the place to start.

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