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ATLA Press - Monographs

ATLA Press publishes open access resources that:

  • identify major works, issues of contention, and schools of thought that propel research in religion and theology

  • develop knowledge and skills in librarianship, pedagogy, research methodology 

  • represent specialized topics of interest in religion and theology

in order to support: 

  • professionals engaged in librarianship and scholarly communication advancing scholarship in the theological and religious disciplines; including developing and strengthening connections that lead to innovative solutions for shared challenges and developing increasing capacities to work in a diverse and changing environment

  • students, scholars, and information professions in robust scholarly communication in the fields of religion and theology

  • students, scholars, and religious professionals in skillfully using information resources to create knowledge, grow in wisdom, and share the results of their research

The ATLA Press is one component of the ATLA Publishing Program. Learn more about the program.

ATLA Open Access Monographs 

Launched in 2014, ATLA’s open access monograph imprint ( publishes books that are valuable resources for religious studies and theology scholars and librarians.

Primary publication is in digital format (PDF and EPUB) available for download, print-on-demand copies may be available. English is the language of record and required for all submissions but authors from non-English speaking cultures may choose to also have their monographs made available in their native language.

Subject areas covered by ATLA’s open monographs include bibliographies, histories, reference tools and professional aids. 

  • Bibliographies: These volumes provide valuable tools for researchers and librarians by providing convenient and comprehensive access to prior research to researchers and theological librarians concerned with the study of world religions ranging from biblical studies to the sociology of religion.  By bringing together diverse resources of scholarship in religious studies these monographs combine extensive citation of valuable sources with useful valuable contextual and evaluative annotations.  These monographs serve as useful guides for religious scholars and theological librarians who seek to identify major works, issues of contention, and schools of thought that propel academic research.

  • Histories: These monographs not only document but also celebrate the lives of 19th and 20th century individuals important in the academic study of religion and theological librarianship. Providing scholars and theological librarians with insight on the path taken and issues arisen which have shaped the present scholarly environment in religion, these volumes provide an important context for understanding the present.

  • Reference Tools and Professional Aids: Designed to aid theological librarians and educators by covering topics ranging from librarianship and information sciences to pedagogy and research methodology, these monographs promote the development of knowledgeable and innovative professionals within the field of religious studies.

  • Other: This broader focus is designed to encourage new and creative studies of specialized topics of interest for the scholar and librarian of religious studies. ATLA seeks to encourage high-quality manuscripts that will contribute new perspectives or new areas of research on the topic of religion from any of numerous disciplines and methodologies.

Prospective Authors

If you are a prospective author, please visit the Information for Authors page for further information on manuscript preparation and submission procedures.

Read the submission preparation checklist before you submit your manuscript.

Editorial Board

  • Editor in Chief: Matthew Collins (4/2019 - 12/2020)
  • Editor: James Estes (6/2018 – 12/2019)
  • Editor: Myka Kennedy Stephens (6/2018 – 12/2021)


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ATLA Book Series 

Since 1973, ATLA previously published three-book series designed to serve scholars and librarians: the ATLA Bibliography Series, the ATLA Monograph Series, and the ATLA Reference and Professional Series. These titles were published under the Scarecrow Press, an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield, and more information can be found on their website.