This year, ATLA has decided to make the 2012 Conference Program available in both print and digital formats. The digital version comes in two "flavors"; one specifically designed for the iPad, and another for iPhone and Android Devices. Please follow the instructions below to acquire either version.
iPad Conference Program (requires iOS 5.0 or later, iBooks 2.0 or later)
Please navigate to this page on your iPad and tap the link below. When prompted, choose "Open in iBooks". The program will then be downloaded directly to your iPad and appear in your iBooks library.
Note: This document is designed to appear in landscape view only. Sometimes, upon first opening, the program will display in portrait and nothing may appear. Please rotate the iPad to landscape view and the content should present itself. Thank you.
ePub Conference Program (requires any e-reader)
Please navigate to this page on your device (iPhone, Android, other) and tap the link below. The program will then be downloaded directly to your device. 
Note: If the text is too large or too small, please use your e-reader interface to make the necessary changes. Thank you.