Panel Presentations



Thursday, Jun 20, 201302:00PM - 03:30PMCollaborating with International Libraries in Theological Education
Nancy Arnison, Executive Director, Theological Book Network; Clara M. Chu, Chair and Professor, Dept. of Library and Information Sciences, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Nancy Jean Vyhmeister, Author, "Quality Research Papers"
What should those of us in North American theological education settings understand and appreciate about our colleagues and their settings in the majority world? Nancy Arnison will share from her experience in collaborative efforts to supply quality academic resources; the equipping of theological libraries in the Majority World — turning excess into access. Clara Chu will share on issues surrounding librarian education and training; and Nancy Vyhmeister will share on what happens in the classroom.
Location: College
Thursday, Jun 20, 201302:00PM - 03:30PMTheological Libraries and the “Theology of Hospitality”
David R. Stewart, Director of Libraries, Bethel University; Tracy Powell Iwaskow, Head of Public Services and Periodicals Librarian, Pitts Theology Library, Candler School of Theology; Anthony Elia, Public Services Librarian, Burke Library, Union Theological Seminary
Theological Libraries have a long and rich tradition of providing services to patrons of all sorts. But the ways in which that service has been provided have varied dramatically from one setting to another. It’s also true that, while differing from each other in many other ways, theological communities are imbued with certain common values, which understandably raise the expectations of guests, patrons, etc. Our panel will explore from different perspectives how hospitality is (and has been) practiced in theological communities and their libraries, and how specific practices have been developed that enrich our vocational communities of today in specific and important ways. Panelist 1 (David Stewart, Bethel University) will survey expressions and practices of hospitality in theological libraries over time. Panelist 2 (Tracy Powell Iwaskow, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University) will look at hospitality toward the broader communities often attracted to theological libraries, including local ministers, church members, alumni, volunteers, and students from other institutions. Panelist 3 (Anthony Elia, Burke Library, Union Theological Seminary) will explore the transformative role of library space as venue, and how hospitality expresses itself through developing new dynamic spaces for patrons. Discussion and Q&A with attendees will be an integral part of this presentation, and a list of suggested resources for further exploration will be provided.
Location: Trade
Friday, Jun 21, 201310:30AM - 12:00AMPatron-Driven Acquisitions (PDA)
Leland R. Deeds, Librarian for Academic Computing Support, Union Presbyterian Seminary; Lisa Gonzalez, Electronic Resources Librarian, Catholic Theological Union; Melody Layton McMahon, Director, Catholic Theological Union; John Chambers, Northeast Area Manager, Ingram Coutts
The implementation of two Patron-Driven Acquisitions projects will be discussed from the perspectives of two implementers, a library director and a vendor.
Location: Harris
Friday, Jun 21, 201310:30AM - 12:00PMThe Deep End of the Talent Pool: Successful Job Interviewing in the Library Marketplace
David R. Stewart, Director of Libraries, Bethel University ; Miranda H. Bennett, Research and Instruction Services, University of Houston; Michelle Spomer, Head of Reference, Stamps Theological Library, Azusa Pacific University
It’s widely believed that the job market (in libraries and elsewhere) has never been more challenging than it is now. This panel discussion will probe into how library jobs and job searches are changing, and what job search strategies are most effective. Topics addressed will include: Best practices for interviewees; Best practices for interviewers; and Best resources for interviewing and hiring The panel will also consider the question of how (or whether) trends are different in theological libraries than in libraries generally. Since the proposal assumes that those who attend have a specific and timely interest in the topics to be covered, Q&A and discussion will be encouraged.
Location: College
Friday, Jun 21, 201301:30PM - 03:00PMChanges in Library Education—Recent Past to Immediate Future
Dr. Clara Chu, Chair and Professor, Department of Library and Information Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Dr. Samantha Hastings, Director and Professor, School of Library and Information Science, University of South Carolina; Beth Martin, Distance Education Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Department of Library and Information Studies; Dr. Robert Burgin, President, RB Software & Consulting, Inc.
Change is inevitable, and change in the library profession has been exponential in recent years. Librarians increasingly are faced with real challenges, such as: Staying abreast in the provision of quality resources and services amid rapid growth in digital and technological advancements; Equipping people with information literacy skills to navigate a swelling sea of information; and the need for library advocacy in a landscape of shrinking budgets. In light of these and other challenges facing libraries, how are library schools adapting to prepare the next generation of librarians? In this panel session, leaders from library education programs in the Carolinas will discuss ways that library schools are (and could be) retooling their programs to send new librarians into the workforce with the vision and skills to meet the challenges facing twenty-first century libraries and the user communities they serve.
Location: Tryon North
Friday, Jun 21, 201301:30PM - 03:00PMEuropean Publishers and ATLA Librarians: Developing Best Practices for Working Together
Gregg Taylor, Licensing Manager, ATLA; Ian Stevens, President, ISD; Matthew Thiesen, Collection Development and Services Librarian, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
Are you from an ATLA member  library wanting to know how to best work with European publishers to develop library content? Are you a publisher wanting to know more about  ATLA member libraries?    What is the role of a US based distributor? What pressing questions and challenges do you have? Come join this panel and group discussion on best practices, dialogue, and collaboration across languages, time zones, and content. A brief ice-breaker presentation will yield to an extensive discussion.
Location: Brevard
Friday, Jun 21, 201301:30PM - 03:00PMNew Horizons in China-US Theological Librarianship: Discussions, Collaborations, Collections, and Developments
Anthony J. Elia, Public Services Librarian, Burke Library, Columbia University; Paul Stuehrenberg, Divinity Librarian, Yale Divinity School ; Cindy Suchin Lu, Librarian for Asian Christianity, Yale Divinity School
China is in a current period of dramatic growth and development, which is reaching many areas of its complex and dynamic cultures, from Beijing and Xi’an to Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Among the many aspects of Chinese society that have seen change are libraries and publishing. In the United States, a rich theological history exists at some institutions, where archival and current materials about China are becoming more visible and relevant to the questions of global Christianity. Both Yale Divinity Library and the Burke Library at Columbia University share in this tradition. This panel will address some developments, specifically in the context of theological libraries and librarianship, and how recent contacts, research, and collaborations among U.S. theological librarians and libraries and Chinese counterparts are progressing. Dr. Paul Stuehrenberg (Yale Divinity School, Director), Cindy Suchin Lu (Yale Divinity School, Librarian for Asian Christianity), and Anthony Elia (Burke Library, UTS/Columbia University) will discuss their travels in China, research at Chinese libraries and institutions, and meetings with librarians, administrators and officials, all within the context of their institutions’ historical record with China.
Location: College
Friday, Jun 21, 201301:30PM - 03:00PMSupporting Online Education: Provision & Assessment of Resources and Services
Jennifer Bartholomew, Electronic Services Librarian, Luther Seminary Library; Paul Tippey, Director of Library Services, B.L. Fisher Library; Kris Veldheer, Head of Public Services, GTU Library; T.R. Parker, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
Online (or distance) education continues to be a growing topic of interest and concern for libraries as more and more schools and seminaries launch or expand existing programs. What resources should the library provide? How does the library gauge if it is providing the right resources and in the right formats? What services should be offered to support students and faculty, and how should they be delivered? (And how do you do it all with a flat budget?!) All of these questions and many more have kept public service librarians awake at night. This session will offer the perspectives of four panelists and four institutions on how they have tackled supporting online education.
Location: Providence 1
Saturday, Jun 22, 201309:00AM - 10:30AMInspiring Users through Library Space
Bruce L. Keisling, Assoc. VP for Academic Resources, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Robert E. Fox, Jr., Dean of University Libraries, University of Louisville; Anthony Elia, Public Services Librarian, Burke Library, Columbia University
This panel session presents the findings of two papers which separately address how library spaces guide and inspire users. The first paper “Reading, Motion, and Spatial Violence” utilizes a variety of research techniques and philosophies to look at how library spaces help define where and how we like (and dislike) to read. Considerations of vantage and views of learners in library spaces will be made, to help understand the best methods of reading and learning. The second paper, “Sacred Spaces in Sacred Places,” seeks to answer: what qualities make library spaces sacred? Would the presence of sacred space in a library help students identify with the campus? And could such space lead to institutional benefit in areas such as recruiting and retention?
Location: Independence
Saturday, Jun 22, 201309:00AM - 10:30AMTransition to Management: a Conversation for New, Interim, and Aspiring Library Directors
Amy Limpitlaw, Head Librarian, Boston University School of Theology Library; Angela G. Morris, Acting Director of the Library, Ernest Miller White Library, Louisville Seminary; Andrew J. Keck, Director of Library Services, Luther Seminary
This panel presentation is for librarians who have recently (within the last five years) transitioned into the role of director or manager, or who have taken on that role as an interim. The goal is to share with one another what we have learned in our first years as a director, what new skills we have had to develop, and what has surprised us about the director role. While the presentation is oriented toward new and interim directors, it is open to any member of ATLA, and we welcome those who aspire to become directors as well as those who have more experience in the role and can share their wisdom.
Location: Sharon
Saturday, Jun 22, 201309:00AM - 10:30AMUnder Construction: Library Services for Distance Students
Mary Anne Knefel, University Librarian, University of Dubuque; Jonathan Helmke, Assistant Director for Library Systems & Technical Services, University of Dubuque; Dolores Yilibuw, Library Interim Director, Lexington Theological Seminary; Ben Wyatt, Technology Director, Lexington Theological Seminary
In this panel presentation, librarians at Lexington Theological Seminary and the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary will discuss their experiences as they lead their libraries—and institutions—in creating new ways to deliver theological education. Ms. Knefel and Mr. Helmke will focus on their six years of experience in delivering the library to UDTS Distance M.Div. students, focusing on how the entire library staff re-envisioned library services so that students would be able to navigate a complex information environment at a distance. Ms. Yilibuw will explore changes in library policies in order to effectively support the curriculum, students, and faculty in the online environment. All will touch upon how our institutions plan to respond to ATS standards for distance education regarding library resources and services.
Location: Harris