Pre-Conference Workshops



Wednesday, Jun 19, 201308:30AM - 12:00PMAdapting to the Information Needs of Distance Education Students
Susan Garrett, Ph.D., Chief Learning Officer, Learning Road iLearning Services
An exploration of issues related to distance learning in theological education and their impact on theological libraries and librarians. This workshop will explore the educational objectives and outcomes related to theological education in distance learning and how theological librarians can effectively serve students and faculty enrolled in distance learning settings.
Location: Providence 1
Wednesday, Jun 19, 201308:30AM - 04:30PMCataloging with RDA
Armin Siedlecki, Head of Cataloging, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
A full day workshop on cataloging with RDA, focusing on introducing the major changes that RDA brings to cataloging and on familiarizing catalogers with the use of the RDA toolkit. Training will include hands-on examples and exercises based on materials relevant to catalogers in theological libraries.
Location: Sharon
Wednesday, Jun 19, 201308:30AM - 12:00PMProgramming for Librarians
Matthew Collins, Reference Librarian, Pitts Theology Library, Emory University
Why should librarians know how to program? Knowing a bit a programming can help a librarian or staff member analyze ILS reports, collate data, create reports from "messy" formats like HTML, and even do some 'digital humanities' type analysis. Also knowing something about the way programs work and how programmers think can make it much easier to communicate with the IT department about specific library needs. This half-day workshop will introduce participants to the principles and concepts of programming using the Python programming language. The Python language is ideally suited to analyzing large documents or pieces of text, making it ideal for processing library data and reports. Participants will learn basic commands, including simple loops, text processing, and file input/output routines. Participants will work on a simple example that shows how this might work in a library. The workshop is appropriate for those with no programming experience.
Location: Harris
Wednesday, Jun 19, 201301:00PM - 04:30PMCopyright Law Inside Out -- A Participant-Driven Workshop
Kevin L. Smith, M.L.S., J.D., Director of Copyright and Scholarly Communications, Duke University - Perkins Library
Copyright law is complex and counter-intuitive, so that even when its fundamentals are grasped, it can be difficult to apply to concrete situations. In this workshop, the problem of application will be addressed by having participants bring specific, real-life situations, which will be considered in detail through expert analysis and group discussion. The goal is to understand the law better by seeing how it works inside specific contexts, rather than taking an abstract approach "from the outside." This is a half-day workshop.
Location: Providence 1