Consultation Services Grants

As a service to its institutional member libraries, the American Theological Library Association provides funds for library consultations. This service is designed to help theological libraries and their administrations assess library operations and facilitate planning. Through this program, ATLA shares the expertise and experience of its members with schools contemplating improvements in library resources, operations, plans, and services. Librarians serving in this capacity have had extensive experience as consultants and as members of accreditation teams, as well as administrators of libraries.

This service is intended to offer practical guidance to theological libraries anticipating building programs, reorganization of administration, assessment of personnel and resources, visits from accrediting agencies, acquisition, and utilization of computer and newer technologies, or expansion of other library resources or services.

What the ATLA Consultation Service Does and Requires

1. An institution will have an opportunity to indicate consultants it would prefer, but ATLA will, in consultation with the applicant library, determine the consultant, giving consideration to availability, qualifications, and workload.

2. Pays an honorarium to the consultant of $400 for a one-day visit or $800 for a two-day visit.

3. Requires the consultant to provide a written report, that is, an evaluation and assessment with recommendations. This report will be submitted to the institution and to ATLA.

How to Apply for this Service

1. The library, in concert with the dean, president, academic vice-presidents, or provost, will apply for the ATLA Consultation Service.

2. The library will engage in a thorough self-study of the library resources and operations as preparation for the visit of the consultant. The consultant will indicate specifically what should be included in this self-study.

3. The applicants will make certain that proper library personnel, faculty members, and administrative officials are available for discussions with the consultant during the on-site visit.

4. The institution will pay all travel, room, and meal costs incurred by the consultant on the visit.

5. The institution will review the list of consultants and indicate to ATLA the library's choice/preference.

Application for ATLA Consultation Service

Consultation Grant Form.pdfConsultation Grant Form.pdf

Applications are to be mailed to

Applications will be accepted and processed as long as funds appropriated for this purpose remain available.

For more information, please contact