The Director of Member Programs asks each nominee to supply biographical information along with a brief statement addressing the following three questions for the voting membership. Each candidate should address each question in a statement no more than 500 words long.

a. What do you see as the challenges of understanding the broad and diverse views of our Association?

b. The Board focuses on the future of the Association and emphasizes strategic leadership. What strengths would you contribute to this process?

c. The Board has authority as a group, not as individuals.This means board members are expected to deliberate candidly but to speak externally with one voice once a decision is reached. If others were to describe how you participate in a deliberating body, what would they say?

These answers, including biographical information, will be available on a customized website hosted by Survey & Ballot Systems and will also be found in the December issue of the ATLA Newsletter.

Information found in the ATLA Board Policy Manual, Appendix BP4, 5, pg. 44