Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee: nominates candidates for election to the Board of Directors. (Standing Committee of the Board)

  • Timothy D. Lincoln, Chair (16-18)

  • Jeffrey Waldrop (17-19)

  • Ellen Frost (18-20)

Nominating Commit tee Resources

An Overview of the Process for the Nomination of Candidates for Election to the ATLA Board 

Reprinted from the ATLA Newsletter, August 31, 2016

To help members understand the process by which candidates are nominated for election to the ATLA Board of Directors, the ATLA Nominating Committee has provided the following overview.

In the April ATLA Newsletter, the Nominating Committee provided information on how members may submit names for consideration to the committee and gave a June 1 deadline for receiving nominations.

Beginning in April, the committee identified potential nominees, including current Board members eligible for re-election. The committee has been contacting individuals to confirm their interest in running and to answer any questions they might have.


In addition to nominations put forth by the Nominating Committee, individuals may petition for inclusion on the ballot. Nominations other than those submitted by the Nominating Committee may be made by petition signed by no fewer than ten (10) Voting members of the Association and shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association no later than December 1. These nominations may be submitted by fax, email, or surface mail and shall be included on the ballot with the nominees presented by the Nominating Committee.


No later than October 1, the committee will have submitted to the Board Secretary and the Director of Member Programs, a slate of at least two (2) candidates for the four directorships to be filled at each Annual Member Meeting. The Director of Member Programs will ask each nominee to submit biographical information along with a statement concerning his or her view of the Association’s needs and/or mission. These materials will be included with the ballot.


No later than October 15, the Director of Member Programs will send email or letters to all eligible ATLA voting members announcing the candidates presented by the Nominating Committee and including information about making petition nominations to the Secretary.


No later than December 1 is the deadline for submissions, by petition, of additional nominations by the membership.


Between December 1 and January 7, the Director of Member Programs will confirm the eligibility of all candidates and the Secretary will inform petition candidates of Board duties and verify their willingness to serve. All candidates will be asked to finalize and submit their biographical information and statements concerning their view of the Association’s needs and/or mission.


No later than January 7, the Director of Member Programs will have prepared the ballots and distributed them to all eligible ATLA voting members.