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Professional Development Committee

ATLA Professional Development Committee Charge

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) fosters development of librarians and related information professionals who serve theological and religious studies scholarship and study.

We define the infrastructure needed to deliver professional development opportunities to members throughout the year by:

  • determining member needs

  • identifying expert resources

  • utilizing a variety of methods and delivery mechanisms

In doing so, we facilitate the exchange of ideas and support members at every point in their careers.

Committee Members

  • Martha Adkins (7/2016-6/2019), Chair (7/2018-6/2019)

  • Yasmine Abou-El-Kheir (7/2016-6/2019) 

  • Michael Bradford (7/2015-6/2020)

  • Karen Clarke (7/2018-6/2021)

  • Justin Lillard (7/2018-6/2021)

  • Warren Watson (7/2017-6/2020)

  • Gillian Harrison Cain, staff liaison

Join This Committee

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E-mail questions to the Member Programs Department at