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Lutheran Periodicals Which are Candidates for Retrospective Indexing

Retrospective indexing was one of the top three projects identified by ATLA members when polled by ATLA staff.  At our denominational meeting in Durham in June 2001, a goal was established to create a list of Lutheran academic periodicals that would be candidates for retrospective indexing in the RDB.

The titles below represent the beginning of such a list, arranged by the institution which nominated them.  

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis 

ACADEMY.  (Luth Acad for Scholarship, LC--MS)  St. Louis.  31:2-42:2 (1974-1986)
(NOTE:  Years 1977-1982 partially indexed in RDB)

CONCORDIA THEOLOGICAL MONTHLY.  (ELS of Mo)  St. Louis.  1-43 (1930-1972)
Became CTM
[NOTE: Years 1949-1972 are already indexed in the RDB]

LEHRE UND WEHRE. (ELS of Mo)  St. Louis.  1-75 (1855-1929)
Became Concordia Theological Monthly

LUTHER DIGEST. (Luther Academy)  Ft. Wayne. (1993-

LUTHERAN SCHOLAR.  (Luth Acad for Scholarship, LC--MS)  St. Louis.  1-31:1 (1943-1974)
Became Academy
[NOTE: Years 1960-1973 are already indexed in the RDB]

LUTHERAN SYNOD QUARTERLY. (ELS)  Mankato, Minn.  1-    (1961-

LUTHERAN THEOLOGICAL REVIEW. (Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary)  St. Catherine's, Ont.  1-     (1988- 

ORTHODOX LUTHERAN THEOLOGIAN. (Orthodox Lutheran Conference)  Minneapolis.  1-7:7/8 (1953-1959)
Became Lutheran Theologian

QUARTALSCHRIFT; THEOLOGICAL QUARTERLY.  (E L Jt S of Wisc)  Thiensville, Wisc.  44-57 (1947-1960)
Became Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly

THEOLOGISCHE QUARTALSCHRIFT.  (E L Jt S of Wisc)  Milwaukee.  1-43 (1904-1946)
Became Quartalschrift; Theological Quarterly

WISCONSIN LUTHERAN QUARTERLY.  (Wisc ELS)  Milwaukee. 57-90 (1961-1993)
[NOTE: Years 1994- are indexed in the RDB]

Luther Seminary

TEOLOGISK TIDSSKRIFT. (NLCA)  Minneapolis.  1-12 (1917-1928)
Became Theological Forum

THEOLOGICAL FORUM. (NELCA)  Minneapolis.  1-7 (1929-1935)
Became Journal of the Am Lu Conf.