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ATLA Denominational Groups FAQ

What are ATLA Denominational Groups?

ATLA Denominational Groups provide an opportunity for members to share fellowship and resources with others who personally belong to a denomination or work at a similar denominationally affiliated institution. Denominational Groups typically meet either in person or virtually at least once per year and maintain an email discussion list hosted by ATLA to facilitate communication and sharing of ideas and resources.

How do I join a Denominational Group?

All ATLA Individual, Student, and Lifetime members as well as staff at Institutional and Affiliate members are welcome to join any Denominational Group. You may sign up to join a Denominational Group by emailing The list of available Denominational Groups may be viewed here​

How often do the groups meet and where?

Denominational Groups usually meet at the ATLA Annual Conference. However, meetings may take place at any time in person or virtually using ATLA's meeting technology.

If a group for my denomination does not presently exist, how do I form a Denominational Group?

Once you have several members that are interested in creating a Denominational Group, please email with the following items:

  • Name and contact information of the primary contact person for the group.
  • A written charge or mission statement for the group, which should provide the foundation and purpose for the group
  • A list of members interested in participating the group.

How is a group structured?

The group must identify at least one primary contact person who will lead the group. Only persons who maintain an individual ATLA membership are permitted to serve in a leadership role.

What are the expectations for a Denominational Group?

Denominational Groups must meet at least once per year, either in person or virtually. Minutes of meetings should be submitted via an annual report to the ATLA Yearbook at After two years of inactivity, ATLA will sunset the group.

How do a group alert ATLA of a leadership change?

Changes in group leadership or roster should be reported to ATLA by sending a message to and should also be included in the meeting minutes submitted to the ATLA Annual Yearbook (

Is the group in charge of the content on the group’s webpage?

Yes, Denominational Groups are responsible for maintaining their group’s webpage content (see The group should periodically review their web page and report any changes to​