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Collection Evaluation and Development

The Collection Evaluation and Development Interest Group (CEAD) looks at collection issues in seminary libraries and institutions with large theological collections. This website pulls together sites which we hope will help those working to evaluate and strengthen these collections.

We welcome comments, suggestions, and ideas on this web page and how it might best serve you.

Steering Committee

  • Craig Kubic, Chair

  • Ellen Frost, Vice-Chair

  • Clay-Edward Dixon, Secretary/Treasurer

Interest Group Charge

The aim of the Collection Evaluation and Development Interest Group is to provide a forum for discussion of the various themes in collection evaluation and development. Over the years we have explored developing collections for reference services, considered particular collections such as the African-American collections at the Library of Congress, evaluated tools for judging electronic and print resources, entered into discussions on resources for the study of Islam and Judaism, and examined off-site storage facilities and their impact on collection development. We take into consideration format, method, and scope, both narrow and wide. Our purpose is to provide a useful forum for discussion of these issues in the diverse field of religion and theology. We welcome all who have an interest in collection evaluation and development to attend our meetings or e-mail us with suggestions. CEAD also has an electronic discussion list. 

CEAD Bylaws

  1. The steering committee will consist of four members, the senior of whom will step off the committee each year.
  2. The responsibility of the steering committee will include the following:
    plan the program for the annual Section meeting,
    1. report Section activities in the ATLA Proceedings,
    2. communicate matters relevant to the interests of the Section to the membership of ATLA through the Association’s Newsletter,
    3. solicit nominations for the steering committee and propose a slate of nominees to the Section,
    4. elect a Chair for the steering committee, and
    5. take care of additional matters of concern to the Section that may arise.


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CEAD Discussion List

This electronic discussion list serves those who are interested or involved in ATLA's Collection Evaluation and Development Interest Group. The CEAD Interest Group looks at collection issues in seminary libraries and institutions with large theological collections. For more information, consult our website.


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 Weeded Materials: Options


Suggestions for what to do with weeded books:
- Have a local book sale, inviting local book dealers to last day or two of sale
- Offer books to local seminaries, universities, consortium libraries or parishes
- Have a Give-away shelf
- Give Bibles to local hospital chaplains
- Establish a relationship with a local used book dealer to sell online
- Send books overseas with faculty/short-term missionaries

Weeded Materials: Overseas Projects
International Catholic Institutions Accepting Book Donations
Reader's Services, Presbyterian Church (USA) World Wide Missions

Serials Exchange using the ATLA Serials Exchange Program (ASE)


 Used Book Dealers with focus on Theological Books


 Overseas Projects accepting materials


 Collection Policy Statements


 Collection Evaluation and Weeding: Print Resources


 Collection Evaluation and Weeding: Bibliographies and Resources


 Book Review Services


 Book Jobbers who provide Standing Orders, Profiled Slip & Approval Plans


 Foreign Language Approval Plan Dealers


 Publishers with Library Approval Plans and Discounts


 Retrospective Collection Development: Used Book Dealers with a Theological Focus


 Sample Collection Development Policies