Public Services

Steering Committee

  • David Schmersal, Chair
  • Kaeley McMahan, Vice-Chair
  • Beth Perry, Members at Large
  • Gerrit van Dyk, Members at Large

The Nature and Aims of the Public Services Interest Group 

The ATLA PSIG is concerned primarily with: (a) the professional services theological and religious studies librarians offer to students, faculty, staff, and other researchers, in person or through electronic means, including reference and research assistance, bibliographic instruction, and collection development; (b) the professional services involved in circulation and interlibrary loan; and (c) research into and analysis of theological and religious studies public services, developments affecting those services, and creative and proactive responses to such developments. In light of these concerns, our purpose is: 

  1. To facilitate discussions of project and initiatives that could benefit Association members beyond local or consortial levels. 

  2. To prepare its members for the future by means of continuing education, workshops, lectures, dialog, itemization and discussion of developments, etc. 

  3. To foster a support and communication network for its members. 

  4. To be a channel and clearinghouse of creativity for its members. 

  5. To continue looking for ways to adapt PSIG to the needs of ATLA members in our constantly evolving profession

Plan of Organization

Membership in the Public Services Interest Group is open to any interested American Theological Library Association member and to representatives of institutional members. The above statement, "The Nature and Aims of the Public Services Interest Group," guides the definition and work of the group.

  1. A leadership team will coordinate to plan sessions at annual conferences and consider other ways to communicate insights, ideas, and concerns pertaining to our central focus on serving our public with the wider ATLA community.

  2. This core group will select a chairperson who will be responsible for guiding the process of planning sessions and other activities and ensuring the groups session is included in the annual conference schedule and the Proceedings; the core group will also select a secretary who will assist with these tasks by recording notes for the Proceedings , noting attendees of PSIG sessions and meetings, and keeping a current list of contact information. 

  3. This core group will recruit interested ATLA members to join this core group and participate in planning sessions. Members of this core group may rotate off as new members take on more of the responsibility for planning conference sessions.

 (Approved June 23, 2000)


E-mail questions to the Member Programs Department .