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Teaching and Learning

Steering Committee

  • Jane Elder, Chair
  • Clair Powers, Secretary

 ATLA Teaching and Learning Interest (TALIG) Group Bylaws

  1. The ATLA Teaching and Learning Interest Group (TALIG) provides a forum for discussion and research related to the teaching and learning role of theological libraries and librarians, and the research behaviors of library patrons. We also provide a locus for conversations with organizations beyond ATLA who have a common interest in these issues. 
  2. The TALIG is governed by a steering committee composed of no fewer than three members. Steering committee members must be ATLA individual members.
  3. Each steering committee member serves a three-year term of office with the senior member rotating off each year. Prior to the ATLA Annual Conference, the steering committee solicits nominees from the larger TALIG membership. The election occurs during the TALIG meeting at the ATLA annual conference.
  4. The steering committee elects three officers from its own membership:
    • a chair who presides over steering committee and TALIG meetings, prepares the agendas of the steering committee and TALIG, and serves as liaison to the Education Committee and Annual Conference Committee; 
    • a vice-chair/chair-elect who succeeds the chair and/or assumes the responsibilities of the chair in the event the chair cannot perform his or her duties;
    • and a secretary who submits a full report of the annual TALIG meeting and program to the Director of Member Services for publication in the ATLA Proceedings, and maintains the names and email addresses of TALIG and steering committee members.


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