Technical Services

The Technical Services (TSIG) of ATLA exists to help theological librarians who specialize in the areas of acquisitions, serials, and cataloging by providing support through education, cooperative projects, professional resources, and networking. In addition to the opportunities provided at ATLA annual conferences, TSIG activities include a quarterly news bulletin (Theology Cataloging Bulletin), an electronic discussion list (ATLATech-L), and a website.

Steering Committee

  • Richard Lammert, Chair

  • Donna Wells, Vice-Chair

  • Ondrea Murphy, Secretary

  • Donna Campbell

  • Leslie Engelson (TCB)

  • Ann Heinrichs

  • Paul Osmanski (ATLA Serials Exchange liaison)

  • John Thompson

  • Christina Torbert

  • Armin Siedlecki (CC:DA liaison)


We want you to know about the Technical Services Interest Group of ATLA and how to get involved! Membership is open to any ATLA member or technical services worker in a member library.

  • The purpose of this interest group is to help theological librarians in the acquisitions, cataloging, and processing of their materials by:
  • Developing continuing education workshops, roundtables, and papers for conferences
  • Providing technical services information through the ATLA Newsletter, ATLANTIS, etc.
  • Providing tools (e.g., TCB) to assist in the cataloging process
  • Monitoring policies and developments in related organizations (e.g. CC:DA) through liaisons
  • Supporting cooperative technical services projects
  • Welcoming and mentoring new members of ATLA who work in technical services
  • Providing opportunities for networking between ATLA members

At our Annual Conferences, Technical Services Sponsors:

  • A pre-conference informal discussion session on topics of interest to technical services personnel
  • Continuing education workshops
  • Other programs and roundtables
  • An annual interest group meeting, which includes a presentation and a business meeting where you have the opportunity to be informed and voice your views


Our main communication links between conferences are ATLANTIS and ATLATech (the TSS listserv) and our quarterly publication, Theology Cataloging Bulletin (TCB), which is currently available on the web and/or in print, depending upon your preference. It includes two sections:

  • Section One: New and Changed Subject Headings
  • Section Two: LC Classification Additions and Changes, B-BX 
  • Section Three: News and Views of the Members of the ATLA Technical Services

Contact Member Services (1-888-665-ATLA, or e-mail: for more information about TCB.


E-mail questions to the Member Programs Department at 

Plan of Organization for TSIG

Membership in TSIG is open to any ATLA member

  1. The TSIG will be governed by a Steering Committee.  This will be made up of seven elected members; the representative to CC:DA (ex officio); and up to four members appointed to the Steering Committee to serve in an advisory capacity. All steering committee members must be members of ATLA.
  2. The elected members will serve a three-year term of office and may be reelected once. A nominating committee from the Steering Committee will solicit nominees. Terms of service for advisory and ex officio members may be negotiated and renewed. The Steering Committee may appoint members as needed to fill vacancies.
  3. The Steering Committee will elect three officers from its own members: a chairperson; a vice-chair, and a secretary. 
  4. Steering Committee officers will serve a two-year term of office. If an officer’s term would extend beyond his or her term as a steering committee member, the committee membership will be automatically extended. No individual may serve more than two concurrent terms as an officer.
  5. The Steering Committee may wish to appoint individuals as liaisons to other ATLA committees or interest groups (e.g., TUG, Membership Services Committee, Automation and Technology Section, Program Committee). These individuals do not have to be on the Steering Committee.


  • Chairs meetings of the Steering Committee, usually before and after the annual conference.
  • Prepares agenda for the meetings of the TSIG.
  • Encourages the activity of the working groups and subcommittees.
  • Encourages the development of program ideas for the ATLA annual conference.
  • Appoints a nominating committee for elected steering committee members.
  • Submits annual report and budget for the Board of Directors, and approves vouchers for payment.


  • Chairs meetings in the absence of the chairperson.
  • Obtains information from the Steering Committee-appointed liaisons and reports on their activities at the Steering Committee meetings.


  • Reports on TSIG events at annual conference for the ATLA Proceedings and the ATLA Newsletter
  • Reports on the Steering Committee meetings for publication to TSIG membership. 
  • Maintains the names of Steering Committee members, their terms of office, and names of other liaisons or Committee appointments.

(Adopted 1992, name updated from TSS to TSIG)

NACO & CONSER Funnel Projects


 Technical Services Links


 Subscribing & Posting to the ATLATech Discussion List


ATLATech is an electronic discussion list designed for theological technical services librarians to discuss issues and share information concerning their fields of expertise.  It is an unmoderated list established by the Technical Services (TSIG) of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA). ATLATech is not, however, an official agency of ATLA. ATLATech is open to librarians and friends who are interested in theological technical services.


Subscription to ATLATech is by request to the list administrator.  Please submit your request here.

Posting address

The address for posting to ATLATech is​​

Sending attachments

Attachments are permitted on ATLATech; however, in order to reduce the risk of infection from attachments, it is advised that you paste information within messages if you can to avoid unnecessary attachments. If you need to include an attachment, as a courtesy to other readers, identify in the body of your message the nature of the attachment (such as, "I have attached a copy of the bibliography" or "Minutes from the meeting are attached").

Dealing with problems

If you are unable to post messages or suspect that you are not receiving messages that have been posted to the list, send an email to the list administrator.  At this time, ATLATech is a low-volume list, so don't get too worried if you go a few days without a posting.


You can unsubscribe at any time by notifying the list administrator.


 Opportunities for Involvement


You can get involved by:

  • Attending the Technical Services meeting at the annual ATLA conference
  • Suggesting topics and speakers for educational events
  • Subscribing & contributing to TCB
  • Subscribing & posting to ATLANTIS, the ATLA listserv
  • Subscribing & posting to ATLATech, the TSS listserv
  • Planning a regional ATLA-sponsored technical services event (ATLA grants are available for these events)
  • Getting acquainted with your colleagues
  • Mentoring new technical services members
  • Sharing your expertise through friendly conversation or more formal research and publication in technical services-oriented journals
  • Being a liaison to other technical services groups
  • Participating in various TSS projects as they arise

 Conference Presentations