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Member Projects and Groups

ATLA members collaborate on numerous projects and in groups that contribute to the Mission and Organizational Ends of the Association. For more information about these member projects, please visit the links below.

ATLA E-Book Lending Project

The E-Book Lending Project (ELP) was created to fulfill a vision for ATLA libraries to purchase to permanently own e-books (not license access to them through a distributor or aggregator) for our circulating collections. 

ATLA Genre Forms for Religious Terms Project

ATLA collaborates with the Library of Congress on the Religion Genre/Form Project. ATLA seeks input from all catalogers interested in religion and will be working closely with the Catholic Library Association and Association of Jewish Libraries.

Funnel Projects - NACO and CONSER

NACO (Name Authority Cooperative Program) is a component part of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC). Participants in the NACO program create and modify name authority records in the Library of Congress Name Authority File.  CONSER (International Cooperative Serials Cataloging Program) is a component part of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC). Participants in the CONSER program create and modify master serial records located in the OCLC database.

ATLA Selected Religion Web Sites Project

The ATSRW project is designed to make selected websites in theology and religion accessible through local OPACs. The project is limited to freely accessible websites and does not include subscription databases, e-books, or e-journals (unless the website is a portal to these types of works). The ATLA sponsored program distributes among member participants the labor-intensive tasks of selecting the sites (collection development team), creating bibliographic records in OCLC (cataloging team), and updating records to reflect the dynamic nature of internet resources (maintenance team).

Resources Review Advisory Group

Throughout the year, ATLA is approached by vendors and other organizations interested in promoting their product or service to the ATLA membership and possibly offering a discount or special offer for ATLA members to acquire or subscribe to a specific resource. ATLA is working more closely with SCELC to make compelling offers available through the ATLA/SCELC Affiliate Program and we need your assistance.