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Leadership Team Roles and Responsibilities

The Leadership Team will elect three officers from its own members: a Chair; a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary.

Job Descriptions of Officers


  • Chairs meetings of the ELP.
  • Prepares agendas for meetings of ELP.
  • Serves as Project Team Leader.
  • Coordinates and supports activity of Leadership Team members.


  • Chairs meetings in absence of Chair.
  • Obtains information from the Leadership Team-appointed collaborators and reports on their activities at the Leadership Team meetings.


  • Submits a full report on the annual conference meeting and the program(s) of ELP to the Director of Member Programs for publication in the ATLA Annual Proceedings.
  • Maintains the names and email addresses of Leadership Team members.
  • Prepares, circulates, retrieves, and retains sign-up sheets at the annual ELP meeting.
  • Provides documentation for PR and ATLA member inquiries.