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Florida Theological Library Association (FTLA)

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  • President TBD

Purpose Statement

The Florida Theological Library Association (FTLA) is a regional organization of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA.) It exists to promote cooperation and exchange of ideas among theological libraries in Florida. Membership is limited to institutional members of ATLA in the region. All programs sponsored by FTLA are open to other librarians. FTLA meets four times a year. Through these meetings and less formal contacts engendered by such meetings, the organization seeks to foster professional growth, institutional cooperation and the dissemination and sharing of information.


1.  Officers will include the following, each with two-year terms: president—presides at business meetings and at the roundtable discussions (“exchange of ideas”) and vice-president/president-elect.

2. There will be no membership dues.

3.  Membership is open to ATLA institutional members and to regionally accredited educational institutions offering at least a four year degree who are ATLA affiliate members.

4. All programs sponsored by FTLA are open to non members.

5. Any projects of FTLA that require financial commitments will be voluntary on the part of member institutions.

6. The bylaws may be amended or revised provided they are approved by a two thirds majority.  Mail ballots will be accepted.