NYATLA Access Policies

Faculty, librarians and matriculated graduate students in theology or religious studies from NYATLA institutions are welcome to use each other's libraries.

NYATLA users are urged to call the library they wish to use to find out in advance the hours of service and availability of the materials they seek. Inquiries should be directed to the appropriate access librarian. It is assumed that users will have exhausted the resources available in their own libraries before calling upon those of others.

All NYATLA users must register with the access librarian of the institution they are visiting during regular weekday hours of operation.

NYATLA users are encouraged to come to individual libraries. In some cases, however, on-site use may not be appropriate. As an alternative, therefore, NYATLA libraries will accept interlibrary loan and photocopy requests. It should be noted that items lent to NYATLA libraries on interlibrary loan normally must be used on site in the borrowing library. These services will be charged at the fees prevailing for each institution.