Constitution and Bylaws

1. Officers will include the following, each with two-year terms: president--presides at business meetings and at the roundtable discussions ("exchange of ideas"): vice-president/president-elect--responsible for newsletter and submitting announcements to ATLA.
2. There will be no membership dues. At each meeting the host institution may recoup costs by a registration fee.
3. There will be two meetings each year, one in June and one in October. Meetings will be held at various member libraries and the host library will plan the program.
4. Membership is open to ATLA-affiliated libraries that will send a representative to at least one meeting per year. SWATLA will also welcome other librarians with an interest in theological literature, such as religion bibliographers in university libraries or library school students who may be contemplating theological librarianship.
5. Any projects of SWATLA that require financial commitments will be Voluntary on the part of members and institutions.