This membership directory is currently incomplete, but the information here is up-to-date. A more complete but potentially less accurate directory is available on our earlier TTLA Web site.


 Individual Members


Name ​Contact Information Institution
​Chris Benda Contact Chris ​Vanderbilt University, Divinity Library
​Joan Blocher Contact Joan ​School of Theology, University of the South
​Jill Brown Contact Jill ​Vanderbilt University, Divinity Library
​Terrence Brown Contact Terrence ​The Ora Byram Allison Memorial Library
​Eileen Crawford Contact Eileen ​Vanderbilt University, Divinity Library
​James (Jim) Dunkly Contact Jim ​School of Theology, University of the South
​Stephen Gateley Contact Stephen ​E.C. Dargan Library
​Stephen Gateley Contact Stephen ​Virginia D. Laskey Research Library
​Betsy Grant Contact Betsy ​duPont Library, University of the South
​Taffey Hall Contact Taffey ​Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
​Melissa Hamblin Contact Melissa Memphis Theological Seminary Library
​Bill Hook Contact Bill Vanderbilt University, Divinity Library
Charlotte Lew Contact Charlotte ​Vanderbilt University, Divinity Library
​Don Meredith Contact Don ​Harding School of Theology
Anna Leta Moss Contact Anna ​Beaman Library, Lipscomb University
Keegan Osinski Contact Keegan ​Vanderbilt University, Divinity Library
​Sheila Owen Contact Sheila ​Harding School of Theology
Elizabeth Rivera Contact Elizabeth ​Beaman Library, Lipscomb University
David Roebuck Contact David Dixon Pentecostal Research Center
​Bill Summers Contact Bill ​Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives
​Margaret Tarpley Contact Margaret ​Vanderbilt University
​Margaret Ann Trotter  (MAT) Contact MAT ​Vanderbilt University, Divinity Library
​Bob Turner Contact Bob ​Harding School of Theology
Eunice Wells Contact Eunice ​Beaman Library, Lipscomb University
​Jane Williamson Contact Jane ​Memphis Theological Seminary Library
​Carolyn T. Wilson Contact Carolyn ​Beaman Library, Lipscomb University