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Developing Country Conference Program

This program has ended. 

Learn and apply for our new program, 

The 2019 ATLA Institute for International Theological Librarians.


As a not-for-profit association of theological libraries and librarians, ATLA understands the importance of supporting theological education throughout the world. ATLA desires to be recognized globally as a strategic collaborator and for the ATLA membership to be more diverse and inclusive. In support of these goals, ATLA has developed a program to make attending the ATLA Annual Conference affordable for members in eligible developing countries

There is no charge ($0.00 USD) for conference registrants (excludes business representatives) from countries other than the US and Canada. 

Any ATLA Student or Individual Member who qualifies is eligible to apply for up two grants to assist them in attending the ATLA Annual Conference. 

Conference Travel Grant  

The Conference Travel Grant awards $1,000 USD to help assist traveling costs to the ATLA Annual Conference, regardless of if the member has received financial assistance from their institution. 

Developing Country Conference Grant 

The Developing Country Conference Grant awards $1,000 USD to be used to attend the ATLA Annual Conference.  


Current Individual or Student Member from countries other than the US and Canada in a country designated "developing" by the World Bank (eligible developing countries ). 

How to Join 

We are no longer accepting applications as this program has closed.


E-mail questions to the Member Programs Department at .