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Institute for International Theological Librarians

The 2019 ATLA International Theological Librarian Leadership Institute is a ten-day meeting that will provide a rich learning experience for international theological librarians. The Insititute will take place from June 9- 19, 2019, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  

Participants will experience a classroom setting with a cohort (June 10-11), attend the ATLA Annual Conference (June 12-15), and visit local libraries (June 16-19). 

Participant Expectations 

  • Must attend and participate in all events for the entire Institute.  

  • Must prepare and present a short presentation about their experience/library in their home country at the annual ATLA conference. 

  • Must prepare and submit a written report in English at the end of the Institute detailing how they were impacted, what they learned, and how they plan to implement new knowledge in their libraries (approx. two pages). This report may be published in the ATLA Newsletter or other ATLA publications.  

  • Must secure all necessary visas. 

  • Must arrive in Canada in time for the first session, which begins on Monday, June 10, 2019.  

  • Return to employment with their theological library or another theological library following the Institute. 

  • All training and conference events will be in English. 

There will be funding available for the following:

  • Hotel and food for Sunday, June 9, 2019, through Wednesday, June 19, 2019  

  • Registration for the ATLA Annual Conference  

  • Travel insurance 

  • International airline tickets (up to $2,000 USD) 

  • Other expenses if the airline ticket is less than $2,000 USD  

Note: Institute funding may not cover all expenses. Applicants should submit a budget which will include anticipated airfare, visa fees, ground transportation to and from Vancouver International Airport, en route accommodation and expenses, with an indication of what their school and/or they are prepared to contribute.  


  • Applicants must be working full time or part time in a theological library in a developing economies country as defined by Low, Lower Middle, or Upper Middle Income as defined by the World Bank as of June 2018.  
  • Applicants do not need to have formal library qualifications or degrees. 
  • Applicants who have not received an ATLA travel grant previously will receive preference if all other selection criteria are equal. 
  • Applicants can request and receive a certificate of continuing education. 

How to Join  

Complete and submit an application along with the following three items: 

  1. A short essay in English, no longer than five double-spaced pages, addressing three areas:  
    1. How the applicant expects the Institute to impact their work as a theological librarian 
    2. Outlining areas of development or growth an applicant wants to focus on through the institute 
    3. How the applicant expects to implement new knowledge in their theological library in English  

  2. Three professional letters of recommendations and/or references; however, one of the recommendations must be from the applicant’s home institution or school.  

  3. A budget including anticipated airfare, visa fees, ground transportation to and from Vancouver International Airport, en route accommodation and expenses, with an indication of what the applicant’s school and/or the applicant is prepared to contribute.  

We are no longer accepting applications.

ATLA’s selection committee decision is final. Applicants not selected may reapply in future years. 


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