P-RLibrarians is an electronic discussion list designed for theological librarians to discuss issues and share information concerning Presbyterian- and Reformed-related issues. It is an unmoderated list established by ATLA's Presbyterian and Reformed Denominational Group. P-RLibrarians is not, however, an official agency of ATLA. P-RLibrarians is open to librarians and friends who are members of ATLA.


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Sending Attachments

Attachments are permitted on P-RLibrarians; however, in order to reduce the risk of infection from attachments, it is advised that you paste information within messages if you can to avoid unnecessary attachments. If you need to include an attachment, as a courtesy to other readers, identify in the body of your message the nature of the attachment (such as, "I have attached a copy of the bibliography" or "Minutes from the meeting are attached").

Dealing with Problems

If you are unable to post messages or suspect that you are not receiving messages that have been posted to the list, send an email to the list administrator. At this time, P-RLibrarians is a low-volume list, so don't get too worried if you go a few days without a posting.


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