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ATLANTIS/Hosted Discussion Groups

ATLA hosts discussion lists for various interests within theological librarianship. Below you will find information on how to subscribe to current lists.

ATLA is glad to host lists for ATLA committees, interest groups, regional groups, and denominational groups. Contact to find out more.

ATLA uses Mailman software for discussion lists. Account information, including instructions for posting, unsubscribing, and managing subscription settings are included in a welcome message sent to subscribers.  

Current Lists

General Discussion Lists

Area of Interest List Name To Subscribe
ATLANTIS - Theological Librarianship atlantis E-mail ATLA Member Programs

ATLANTIS primarily serves those involved or interested in theological librarianship. ATLANTIS is not, however, an official agency of ATLA, and the principal relationship among the subscribers is a commitment to an open discussion of issues relevant to theological librarians generally.

The current archives of ATLANTIS can be searched at this link by logging in with your current ATLANTIS username and password.

For content prior to April 30, 2014, please contact ATLA Member Programs for the access information for past ATLANTIS archives. 

ATLA Interest Groups

Area of Interest List Name To Subscribe
Emerging Technology ETIG E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Public Services PSIG E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Special Collections SCIG-L E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Technical Services ATLATech E-mail ATLA Member Programs
World Christianity WCIG E-mail ATLA Member Programs

Subscription to Interest Group discussion lists is available to ATLA members only unless otherwise indicated by the Interest Group leadership.

Regional Groups

Area of Interest List Name To Subscribe
Chicago Area CATLA-M E-mail Lisa Gonzalez
New York Area NYATLA E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Ohio Area OTLA E-mail David Powell
Southwest Area SWATLA-L E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Tennessee Area TTLA ​​E-mail Chris Benda

Denominational Groups

Area of Interest List Name To Subscribe
Anabaptist/Mennonite Anabaptist-Librarians E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Anglican/Episcopal Anglican-Episcopal E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Baptist ATLA-Baptist E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Lutheran ATLALutherans E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Methodist Methodist-Librarians E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Orthodox Orthodox E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Presbyterian/Reformed P-RLibrarians E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Roman Catholic ATLARC E-mail ATLA Member Programs
United Church of Christ UCC E-mail ATLA Member Programs

Other Groups

Area of Interest List Name To Subscribe
Contemporary Religious Literature ATLA-Rel-Lit E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Directors DirectorsOnly E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Digital Projects DigitalProjects E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Diversity Diversity E-mail ATLA Member Programs
E-book Lending Project ebooklendingproject E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Ex Libris' Alma  Alma-users E-mail ATLA Member Programs
OCLC's Worldshare Management Systems (WMS) ATLAWMS E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Reciprocal Borrowing Recipborrow E-mail ATLA Member Programs
Small Libraries Small_Libs E-mail ATLA Member Programs