ATSRW Corrections

​Deleted Sites

Note: Internet sites that have become dormant, merged with another website, or ceased to exist are recorded below with information that tracks their history as part of the ATLA Selected Religion Websites.
    Internet theologian   
    OCLC no.:  54472403 
    Added to the collection set 10/04
    DELETED from collection set 3/07
    Reason: merged with collection set title 
    Internet for religious studies
    OCLC no.:  54453677 
    Center on Religion and Democracy
    OCLC no.: 47997157
    Added to the collection set 10/20/05
    DELETED from the collection set 3/07
    Reason: replaced by website with different scope 
    Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture
Changes in Purl's
Note: Changes in url's for websites are corrected through the Purl's. Please report dead links to Eileen Crawford
    Index Verborum : Martin Luther's German writings - purl corrected 5/17/07
    Digital Scriptorium - purl corrected 1/3/08
    Internet Mission Photography Archive - purl corrected 1/3/08