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ATLA Selected Religion Web Sites Project (ATSRW)

The ATSRW project is designed to make selected websites in theology and religion accessible through local OPACs. The project is limited to freely accessible web sites and does not include subscription databases, e-books, or e-journals (unless the web site is a portal to these types of works). The ATLA  sponsored program distributes among member participants the labor-intensive tasks of selecting the sites (collection development team), creating bibliographic records in OCLC (cataloging team), and updating records to reflect the dynamic nature of internet resources (maintenance team). MARC records are created for the selected websites and can be purchased through OCLC as a WorldCat Collection Set. New websites added to the project can be downloaded individually or purchased in subsets as a standing order. Significant changes in websites (i.e. title or url changes) that require revisions to the records will be revised by the maintenance team and reported on this website (ATSRW Corrections). Institutions can edit their records to make the corrections locally, or purge subsets from their OPACs to be replaced with updated versions.

Why catalog web sites?

Scholarly websites have become increasingly numerous in the past decade. Multiple approaches have been implemented to aid patrons in finding relevant websites in their research interests. The argument for creating MARC records for websites and downloading them into local OPACs rests on the role of the library catalog as an essential tool for directing researchers to scholarly resources. The goal of this project is to identify those websites that have the same credible authorship and scholarship as the other material collected by ATLA member institutions, and to provide inexpensive access to catalog records for these same websites.