ATLA is pleased to announce that the ATLA Catholic Periodical and Literature Index® (ATLA CPLI®) has two new features for enhanced searching.
First and foremost is the Publications Authority File, a tool which displays coverage information and other details on the journals indexed in the database.  The ATLA CPLI Publications Authority File is like those found in ATLASerials® (ATLAS®) and in the ATLA Religion Database® with ATLASerials, in that it has EBSCO’s Hierarchical Journal Authority File (HJAF) structure.  Within this HJAF structure, users may perform a variety of tasks, such as searching within a publication, retrieving items by journal issue, and subscribing to RSS feeds for EBSCOhost journal alerts.
Also new to ATLA CPLI is the Genre Limiter, which narrows searches to particular genre types.  Among the limiter options are “church documents” and “papal documents,” which select for records on texts of speeches, homilies, apostolic pronouncements, encyclicals, and official documents from popes, the Roman Curia, and bishops’ conferences.  Researchers long familiar with ATLA CPLI will recognize that some of the new genre limiters were formerly categorized as “publication types”; ATLA recently re-categorized these items to improve search precision and user experience.
If you have any questions about how to use these new features, how to access content in ATLA CPLI, or about other matters related to ATLA products, please contact the Product Support Team at, and they will be happy to assist you.
ATLA CPLI provides indexing of periodicals, essay collections, church documents, papal documents and electronic resources expressly addressing the practice and intellectual tradition of Roman Catholicism. ATLA CPLI contains indexing from 1981 to the present and is updated quarterly. Content within its scope is selected for indexing based on enduring scholarly merit.
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