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The first video, “Maximizing Your Search: Filtering and Refining,” covers how to narrow down search results using our filtering and refining tools, including by language, subject, and peer-review status, in order to get the most relevant possible results.

Watch the “Maximizing Your Search: Filtering and Refining” video in EnglishFrenchGermanItalianKorean, and Spanish.


The second video, “Maximizing Your Search: Using Boolean AND Connectors, Truncating Search Terms and Other Advanced Search Topics,” covers how to search for more complex topics by using the Boolean AND Connector tool to select multiple criteria and how to use truncation to broaden your search.

Watch the “Maximizing Your Search: Using Boolean AND Connectors, Truncating Search Terms and Other Advanced Search Topics” video in in EnglishFrenchGermanItalianKorean, and Spanish.


The third video, “Organizing Your Search,” covers how to use our Citation tool to format the citation information of an article from your search results, and how to use the Export tool whenever you have a large number of citations to use or are using Bibliographic Management Software.

Watch the “Organizing Your Search” video in EnglishFrenchGermanItalianKorean, and Spanish.


The fourth video “Three Methods to Search For Biblical Scripture Citations,” three different ways to search for scripture citations in the Bible, using Atla’s Scripture Search function, Bible Citation Index, and the Scripture Citation search field.

Watch the Three Methods to Search For Biblical Scripture Citations” video in English, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Spanish.


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The Hub for Collectors & Connectors

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – English

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Japanese

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Polish

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Korean

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Norwegian

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Brazilian Portuguese

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Dutch

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Chinese

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – French

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Canadian French

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Argentine Spanish

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Finnish

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – German

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Greek

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Bosnian

Hub for Collectors & Connectors – Egyptian Arabic

Hub for Collectors & Connectors  – Italian


Creating Trusted Research Tools with Partners

Creating Trusted Research Tools with Partners – English


Become a Content Partner

Become a Content Partner – English

Become a Content Partner – German

Become a Content Partner – French

Become a Content Partner – Italian

Become a Content Partner – Korean

Become a Content Partner – Argentine Spanish


Resources for Alumni/ae

Resources for Alumni/ae (Atla for Alum) – English


Tools for the Study of Religion & Theology

Tools for the Study of Religion and Theology – English

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Announcing Additions to Atla Products – January 2023

Atla is pleased to announce the addition of titles now available in the Atla Religion Database® (Atla RDB®), AtlaSerials® (Atlas®), and AtlaSerials PLUS® (Atlas PLUS®).

Preserving the Past While Preparing for the Future – Thoughts from Atla’s New ED

Executive Director John Kutsko shares his passion and excitement for the future of Atla in his inaugural column.

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Atla Religion Database (Atla RDB)

Atla Religion Database® is the premier index of articles, reviews, and essays in all fields of religion & theology.

AtlaSerials (Atlas)

AtlaSerials® (Atlas®) is an online full-text collection of major religion & theology journals used by libraries, librarians, scholars, students, and religious leaders.

AtlaSerials PLUS (Atlas PLUS)

Atlas PLUS® includes more than 721 full-text journals in many diverse areas of religion and theology, with full-text content in more than 20 languages from more than 40 different countries.

Atla Digital Library

The Atla Digital Library brings together digital collections of scholarly, historical, and cultural significance that are relevant to the study, teaching, and learning of religion & theology.

Atla LibGuides

Atla LibGuides are now available for Atla Interest Groups, Committee, and Denominational Groups for the purpose of producing subject resource guides.