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Member Benefits

There are benefits to being a member of the Atla Community. View and review the services offered to your membership type.

Association Publications

Association-related publications document the Association and its members’ work and activities and are managed and produced by Atla staff.

Discount Programs for Libraries

Libraries may receive valuable services and resources at a discounted rate.

Grants for Institutions & Groups

Member libraries and regional groups may apply for funding for events, projects, and services.

Grants & Scholarships for Individuals

Individual members may apply for funding toward events and education.

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Learn about the benefits of joining the Atla Community.

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Recent Member News

One Atla

Executive Director John Kutsko discusses the importance of unity in Atla.

FAQ Regarding Atla & CRRA: Exploring a New Path Forward Together

Learn more about the collaboration between CRRA and Atla.

Keep Connected to Your Alumni Community with Atla Alum Research Tools

During Theological Libraries Month, we are pleased to highlight our research tools for alumni. Learn more about these tools!

Atla Nominating Committee Seeks Candidates for 2025 Election

The Atla Nominating Committee invites you to identify individuals who have the passion and skills to serve on the Atla Board of Directors.

Atla LibGuides Hosts Catholic Subject Guides Through The Atla CRRA Program

Announced last year in 2023, CRRA members voted to dissolve and CRRA formally became a program of Atla. Through the new CRRA Program, Atla is excited to continue to offer Catholic-focused resources.

Wanted: Working Volunteers for Atla Committees

Atla is actively recruiting volunteers to serve on committees with terms to begin July 1, 2024.