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Atla members are part of a growing community of librarians, scholars, and professionals that share knowledge and, together, advance the study of religion and theology. Membership also opens up other opportunities to receive financial benefits such as awards, grants, and scholarships and take part in group purchasing of tools and resources that may other otherwise be cost prohibitive for individual members or small institutions.

Institutional Member Benefits

Receive the full benefit of being a member library by participating in Association programs & services.

Individual Member Benefits

Receive the full benefit of being a member by participating in the following programs and services.

Leadership Opportunities

We provide a wide variety of leadership opportunities for professionals in religion and theology through leadership and professional development programs.

Association Publications

Association related publications document the work and activities of the Association and its members and are managed and produced by Atla staff.

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  • Connect with colleagues in your field
  • Learn from rich professional development offerings
  • Grow through leadership opportunities
  • Collaborate with other professionals and libraries