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Atla's member librarians, libraries, and research tools connect students, scholars, and researchers with scholarly religion and theology content.

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Atla provides resources, collaboration opportunities, and research tools to promote worldwide scholarly communication in religion and theology.

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Turning the Page to the Next Chapter

Today, we are thrilled to officially share the new Atla brand with you, our community of collectors and connectors.

Bringing the New Atla Chapter to Life

You may have noticed that we look a little different. Today, we launched our updated digital experience along with our updated Atla look.

Atla Annual 2019

You’re invited to join our community of members at Atla Annual 2019 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 12-15.

Tools for the Study of Religion & Theology

Atla produces a variety of research tools for the study of religion and theology. Atla research tools are available through libraries who subscribe to our products, while resources developed collaboratively by Atla members are freely available to all. If you are looking for bibliographic information or full-text collections of journal articles covering diverse topics and languages, these tools are the place to start.

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