For many years publishers have contributed materials used by ATLA staff in the creation of ATLA's products. Many publishers provide copies of their publications to ATLA for use by the indexing, digitization, and preservation staff.

Here are a few reasons why publishers work with ATLA:

  • Indexing of a journal or essay collection in the ATLA Religion Database® (ATLA RDB®), the premier index to all fields of religion, increases access to the valuable content within these publications

  • Broad dissemination of the full-text and/or indexing of your journal via ATLA’s sales and distribution partner, EBSCO

  • Single point of contact for licensing, sale, and distribution of your journal

  • ATLA absorbs costs of indexing and digitizing the journal

Evaluation process and criteria for inclusion in ATLA’s products

Learn more about the evaluation process and criteria considered by ATLA in selecting journals for inclusion.