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The following are title lists and other product update lists for ATLA products or products ATLA produces with partner organizations.

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ATLA EBSCO Historical Digital Archives

  • African American Historical Serials Collection Excel HTML
  • Series 1 & 2
    • ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 1 (13th Century to 1893) Exc el  HTML 
    • ATLA Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1922) Excel HTML
  • Thematic Sub-Series: ATLA Historical Monographs Collection (11 Series)
    • Biblical Research Perspectives, 1516-1922 Excel HTML
    • Catholic Engagements with the Modern World, 1487-1918 Excel  | HTML
    • Christian Preaching, Worship, and Piety, 1559-1919 Excel | HTML
    • Global Religious Traditions, 1760-1922 Excel HTML
    • Global Theological Perspectives, 1322-1922 Excel | HTML
    • Islam in the Modern World, 1804-1918 Excel HTML
    • Jewish Studies Perspectives, 1800-1918 Ex cel | HTML
    • Missions and Missionaries Around the World, 1611-1922 Excel HTML
    • Perspectives on Ancient Civilizations, 1200-1922 Excel HTML
    • Religion and Social Change, 1723-1921 Excel HTML

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